“When will you start your diet? Next Monday!” – “When will you start exercising? Next Monday!”
You have probably heard these expressions before!?

Next Monday apparel, originates from exactly that.

A lot of effort have been put in the design especially. We strive to deliver you nicely cut material, and together with a good sense of humor, it will fit you perfectly. But most importantly, our apparel is made to be sold at affordable prices for all – so you are able to get yourself one more, maybe Next Monday!?

Our company is based in Aventoft, Germany. All orders are being sent out from our main warehouse in Aventoft.

We do not sell to private customers, we therefor proudly refer to one of our sales or distribution partners.

If you have interest in becoming a retailer of our brand, then why wait till Next Monday!? Use the contact information as described below this text. For that we are ready, already by now.

Next Monday is a subsidiary company of Approved-Companies


+49 4664 2830428


Approved Companies GmbH

Rosenkranzer Str. 2B
25927 Aventoft, Germany